Petrospect is a locally owned and operated, Hawaii based company that has been conducting business here continuously for the past thirty years.  As a service company, we understand that our ongoing success is the direct result of our team of dedicated, highly trained and professional employees.  We strive to maintain a work environment that fosters our employees’ success and promotes longevity in their employ. 

We are seeking a unique individual for an uncommon profession. This is an opportunity for the right candidate to learn a valuable trade in a very specialized field. Inspection services like ours are used by the oil, energy and marine industries worldwide and fully trained and seasoned Petroleum Inspectors are always in demand.

If you are a career minded person seeking long-term employment in a stable industry, if you are interested in learning a profession and are willing to work your way through the on-the-job training program and gain the experience needed to master the trade, we are looking for you.

No previous experience in the inspection profession is required.  The Company provides all technical and field training.  However, we are looking for candidates who meet the requirements and possess some of the qualifications and skill sets outlined below.

High School diploma or equivalent  /  Valid U.S. Driver’s License
Reliable transportation / Current Vehicle Insurance, Registration and Safety Inspection
Eligible for Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC)
Computer literate.  Proficient in MS Windows, Excel and Outlook  
Familiar with basic math, linear measurement such as feet, inches and fractions
Must have the flexibility to be able to work in an unpredictable 24 / 7 / 365 schedule


Reliable and punctual
Detail oriented, accurate and conscientious
Strong oral and written communications
Good organizational skills, able to multi-task
Must be willing and able to work on-call capacity
Some college preferred
Petroleum Industry experience a plus
Inspection experience a plus
Marine experience a plus
Experience working in an unsupervised capacity preferred


Inspectors generally work alone in a largely unsupervised capacity.  Once assigned to a job, they are required to monitor and react to it without further instruction.  Reliability is an absolute prerequisite.  Not showing up or showing up late is simply not an option.  This is also a position with a lot of responsibility.  Even the relatively small, routine transfers involve accounting for millions of dollars worth of product.

Inspect the transfer of petroleum between facilities and / or ships and barges
Measure the liquid levels in petroleum storage tanks and vessel compartments
Obtain temperatures and samples of Crude Oil and Petroleum products
Record measurements and document findings
Calculate quantities, complete forms and prepare inspection reports in the field
Requires vehicular travel between facilities via POV (personally owned vehicle)
Transport fuel samples between facilities and the office
Involves routine air travel between the islands

Work occurs outdoors in all weather conditions
Work involves climbing storage tanks up to 60 Feet in refineries and storage facilities
Jobs occur at refineries, power plants, harbors and facilities located throughout the State
Work involves boarding Barges and Tank Vessels dockside, at sea and at off-shore sea berths
Work involves lifting and carrying measurement and sampling equipment up to 60 Lbs.
Work involves physically sampling and handling Crude Oil and Petroleum products
Work occurs in areas containing hazardous materials requiring PPE, including Respirators

The work schedule is the most unusual aspect of the job.  The schedule is extremely irregular and unpredictable. There are no set hours of work or set shifts. Work occurs at all hours of the day and night, including weekends and holidays. The work schedule and amount of hours required also varies from week to week. Some weeks are slow and some weeks are extremely busy.

There are no regularly scheduled workdays and no regularly scheduled days off.  This type of work schedule does allow for ample time and days off at different times during any given week.  However, like the working time, the time off is unpredictable.  We cannot overemphasize how odd the hours are and how unpredictable the schedule is.

We recognize and appreciate that this type of schedule is not suitable for many people, particularly those with regularly scheduled personal obligations or social activities.  We encourage potential candidates to consider this aspect of the job carefully before applying.

The pay structure is a combination of Base Salary, Hourly Pay and Overtime
Estimated annual compensation for the first year at Entry Level:  $40,000 to $50,000
 * The estimated compensation is based on historical average annual hours for new hires and incremental pay increases for successful advancement through the Inspector Training Program.

There are numerous advancement opportunities as an Inspector including an established schedule of incremental tenure and experience based pay increases. Advancement is contingent upon the individual’s aptitude and performance.

Benefits include Paid Vacations, Sick Days, 401-K Retirement Plan with partial matching contributions and Health Care benefits with premiums for employees paid 100% by the Company.

Send your resume to:   No calls and no walk-ins please.
Applicants must reside on Oahu - relocation assistance is not available.
The information contained herein is a general job description and does not represent a complete list of duties, responsibilities or requirements.

Petrospect is an equal opportunity employer.